Biological Activity and Stability Analyses

Biocidal products have a chemical or biological effect on microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, which are considered harmful, thanks to the active substance or substances they contain. In this way, biocidal products can restrict the movement of harmful organisms, remove them, render them harmless or destroy them.

  • D D 1202

    Microbiological Efficacy Tests in Biocidal Products are the analysis of the product's ability to kill bacteria (biocidal=biocidal effect) and its capacity to kill fungi (fungicidal=Fungicidal effect).

    Microbiological Efficacy Tests in Biocidal Products in Our Laboratory, T.C. It is carried out in accordance with the Biocidal Products Regulation published by the Ministry of Health and has TÜRKAK Accreditation.

    Antibacterial Activity Tests

    TS EN 1276

    TS EN 1656

    TS EN 13727

    Antifungal Activity Tests

    TS EN 1650+A1

    TS EN 1657

    TS EN 13624