Residue Analyses

What is Residue / Contaminant? Substances that are applied for any purpose during the processes of obtaining food and reaching our table, depending on the conditions after the application or not, deteriorating or without deterioration, the final amount he final amount that is remaining in the product of which must be controlled is called residue.

  • D D 0985

    They are contaminants that contaminate food due to environment or production-processing-storage area, etc. and undesirable to be found in food product, and generally have harmful/toxic effects. Major residue and contaminants:

    • Pesticide residues
    • Veterinary drug residues
    • Hormones
    • Heavy metals
    • Mycotoxins,
    • Substances that pass from packaging materials to the product
    • Dioxin, furan, PCB

    The most important problems encountered in agriculture and animal husbandry are pesticides, veterinary drugs, hormones, antibiotics and their derivatives that are used unconsciously. As a result of exceeding the legal limits determined both in our country and in Europe, pesticides, veterinary drugs, hormones and antibiotics leave residues in plants and animal products, and this threatens both human and animal health.