Protective Efficacy and Stability Analyses

The use of cosmetics and personal care products is increasing day by day and constitutes an important place among the consumer products needed. These products, which are used as human care and treatment, directly affect human health. Cosmetic microbiology is an important link in product safety.

  • D D 0557

    The fact that the product remains as prescribed throughout its shelf life is an indication that the product is stable. Cosmetic microbiology is also an important component of this process.

    In accordance with the 6th article of the T.C. Medicines and Medical Devices Agency Cosmetics Regulation of the Turkish Ministry of Health, a cosmetic product must be safe for human health when placed on the market, when applied under normal and foreseeable conditions, or when the product's presentation, labelling, explanations regarding its use or are applied according to the recommended usage conditions and information provided by the manufacturer are taken into account.

    In our laboratory, T.C. Microbiology Analysis, Stability (Shelf Life) and Protective Efficacy (Challenge Test) Analysis are performed in accordance with the TÜRKAK Accreditation in accordance with the Cosmetic Regulation of the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of the Ministry of Health.

    • Microbiology Analysis in Cosmetic Products
    • Protective Efficacy (Challenge Test) Analysis
    • Stability (Shelf Life) Analysis